Financial Aid Portal

Welcome to your personal financial aid portal. You can: View a list of documents received and a list of documents still outstanding. Download or link to missing forms. Check for messages to financial aid applicants. View financial aid award if receiving institutional grant aid. View loan information if a loan was requested and processed. 

Log In Instructions

For a currently enrolled student to access the portal, go to Log In (on the right side of your screen).  If you are a first-time user, click on First Time User and answer the questions.  Enter your 7-digit Student ID.  If you never used the system and were a student or applicant prior to the current year, or if you forgot your password, click on Forgot Your Password, enter your Student ID in the "Student ID" field, answer challenge questions (which you will need to remember for future logins), and create a password (at least 5 characters).  After you have entered, confirmed and submitted your password, the screen will go back to the initial login screen where you will enter your Student ID and the newly created password.  You must have a financial aid application or loan application already established at Barnard College in order to use this system. To begin your financial aid application, visit our website at and click on "Application Procedures and Forms."  If you need help using this application, please contact the Financial Aid Office at 212-854-2154 or email apply for a loan after you are enrolled, please refer to our website at